Dainin Katagari Roshi, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, and Tenshin Reb Anderson lead a ceremony in the Buddha Hall at City Center circa 1970.

50th Anniversary Weekend Dharma Talks

Dharma Talks by Zen teachers are a traditional method of transmitting the heart and understanding of Buddha’s Way.

All are welcome to attend and registration is not required.


Zentatsu Richard Baker
Dharma talk in the Buddha Hall by the 2nd Abbot of SFZC Zentatsu Richard Baker. This talk is part of the regular Saturday Program, and is preceded by early morning zazen (seated meditation) and followed by Q&A with the speaker and lunch by donation.
Saturday, August 11, 10am
Beginners Mind Temple, City Center
Live video streamed at SFZC @Livestream



Tenshin Reb Anderson
Dharma talk by Tenshin Reb Anderson in the zendo (meditation hall). It is part of the regular Sunday Morning Program, and is preceded by zazen and followed by tea and freshly baked muffins, Q&A, and lunch by donation.
Sunday, August 12, 10am
Green Gulch Farm
Live video streamed at SFZC @Livestream




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