50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

“Happy Long Life” by Kaz Tanahashi

Saturday, August 11

Dharma Talk with Zentatsu Richard Baker
10:00am - San Francisco City Center
SFZC @Livestream
Dharma talk  with the 2nd Abbot of SFZC, Zentatsu Richard Baker, followed by Q&A, in the Budhha Hall of Beginner’s Mind Temple.
Zen DO: Imagine The World with More Zen
6:00pm - Greens Restaurant
An anniversary party celebrating 50 years.

Sunday, August 12

Dharma talk with Tenshin Reb Anderson
10:00am - Green Gulch Farm
SFZC @Livestream
Dharma Talk with Senior Dharma Teacher Tenshin Reb Anderson, followed by Q&A , from Green Dragon Temple.
Green Dragon Temple Turns 40
Noon - 4pm - Green Gulch Farm
Alumni Picnic Celebration.

Monday, August 13

Celebratory Procession
10:00am - Japantown/San Francisco City Center
SFZC @Livestream
Celebratory Procession from Sokoji, birthplace of SFZC in Japantown, to City Center in Hayes Valley.
Public Ceremony
11:30am - San Francisco City Center
SFZC @Livestream
Public Ceremony in the Buddha Hall, celebrating the anniversary of SFZC’s incorporation as a nonprofit, with statements and offerings of gratitude followed by reception/refreshments in Dining Room with Honorary Guest Speakers at 12:15pm and a reception at 12:45pm.