Photo: Sign on door at 300 Page Street, from 1960s, with schedule

ZC celebrated its 50th anniversary with events throughout 2012. This blog remains up this year for you to peruse and enjoy descriptions, photos and recordings from these significant events.

Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, founder of San Francisco Zen Center, once said, “Buddhism is not any special teaching, it’s our human way.”

For fifty years the San Francisco Zen Center community has been a wise and compassionate response to a troubled world. Today, we continue to find “our human way,” exploring how to live together sustainably, at peace and in harmony with all living things.

Please join us for a series of wonderful events at Tassajara, City Center, Greens Restaurant, Green Gulch Farm, and online as we celebrate five decades (and still counting!) of deep spiritual practice and creative, innovative engagement with the wider world.

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Featured Event

From the ZC50 Blog

Bill Viola, internationally recognized artist, presents a Zen-inspired video installation from his 2008 “Transfigurations” series. John Walsh, former director of the J. Paul Getty Museum, joins him for a provocative conversation on contemporary art and the capacity of human beings to transform their inner selves.  More >>> 


50th Anniversary Weekend Events Slideshow

Images from the 50th anniversary weekend celebration

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